Get More Sales

Meet People,

Talk to People,

Sell Them Something.

Turn Prospects into Profits

Do you have a system in place that ensures every prospect meets your best salesperson, on their best day, every single time?

Are you at risk of losing business because expensive leads aren't followed up on and prospects fall through the cracks?

Would you like to know how to discover your own fresh, local prospects, communicate with them on autopilot and easily convert them into paying customers and get more referrals?

We'll show you 3 specific ways to reach new, local customers and grab their attention as effectively as possible, how to craft messages and offers that bring them in the door and how to build long term customer relationships and endless referrals. 

You will gain specific, actionable strategies that you can put into place immediately to start making more sales. We do these expert overviews about every six weeks, register now and we'll put you on the list for the next one and send you some advanced marketing cheat sheets and check lists.

Featured Guests:

Mike Wolpert

Founder, Soci@l Jumpstart.

Local Marketing Expert, Video Stroyteller

Gene Roth

Contributor for CNBC Academy has 15 years of experience in marketing automation.

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